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I’ve been meditating for the last 10 years, but it doesn’t look like it did when I started. In the beginning, it took a lot of effort and concentration — always bringing the attention back to the breath, focusing on the feelings of the body, etc. All in the hopes…


The difference between purposeful and aimless action.

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The average life expectancy of an American citizen is 79 years. In the UK, that figure bumps up to 81, and in Canada, 82. We can write off the first 18 years and the last 15. This leaves us with about 50 years to be productive members of society. And…

A popular debate.

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There is a classic scene where a pilgrim climbs a mountain in search of a wise sage. When he finds him, he asks, “what is the meaning of life?” In pop culture, the answer is usually satirical or ironic. …

Tucked snugly in the middle of societal advancement, writing reigns supreme.

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I worry about the future of writing. It seems that people are using more of their attention span watching, scrolling, or swiping rather than reading.

With the advent of streaming, social media, and attention engineering will there be a place for long-form writing? For all we aspiring writers, have we…

The lengths of greatness.

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The man needs no introduction. His status as the greatest basketball player of all time speaks for itself. He was responsible for the meteoric growth of NBA fandom across the globe during the 90s.

I recently finished watching the docuseries, “The Last Dance.” It featured Michael Jordan and the Chicago…

Artificial Intelligence

These are the results.

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When I think of AI, I have two immediate, conflicting opinions. We’re all doomed or maybe life will get infinitely better.

Usually, people fall into one of those two schools of thought.

I’m not opposed to the idea of machines integrating with daily life — if that means the more…


Discovering the indigenous practice of Mexico’s sweat lodges

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I don’t do much research before I travel somewhere. It’s not something I’m proud of, it’s just a quirk of mine. Staying true to form, I wasn’t familiar with much of anything culturally relevant to Mexico. I knew about the Aztecs, Tacos, Conquistadors… and that’s about it. …

Dear Writer

What would you tell your past, present or future self?

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One year, each person in my elementary school class wrote a letter to their future self. We licked the envelopes closed and wondered who we’d be in 10 years. My family moved shortly after that exercise, and I never ended up receiving that letter. Sometimes I wonder what I wrote…


Song lyrics and the pursuit of happiness.

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Song lyrics have this amazing ability to convey deep philosophies in bite-sized morsels. We might listen to a song for a long time solely for its melodic features and then suddenly get swept off our feet by the words.

Something finally clicks.

Music affects us both viscerally and intellectually. That’s…

Julien McLaren

A Canadian writer sharing his life experiences and lessons learned. Traveller, musician, fitness enthusiast.

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