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I’ve been meditating for the last 10 years, but it doesn’t look like it did when I started. In the beginning, it took a lot of effort and concentration — always bringing the attention back to the breath, focusing on the feelings of the body, etc. All in the hopes of silencing the mind. This is a great start for getting into meditation. But meditation doesn’t need to be something that takes concentration. It can be effortless and seep into any moment of your life. You can even meditate while working without sacrificing productivity.

The meditative practise I use comes…

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What classifies someone as an introvert? Various definitions get thrown around. The dictionary defines an introvert as a shy, reticent person. Some personality systems bases introversion on whether someone gets energized from being around other people. I think that definition is extreme. Only the most extroverted people would always be energized by being around others.

I know many people who I consider more extroverted (on a spectrum of people I’ve met and seen) who do not get energized by other people. They consider themselves introverts, but they are not shy or reticent. …

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Nonviolent Communication (or NVC) is an approach to interpersonal harmony through a methodology of communication. Its goal is not to end disagreements. Its goal is to increase empathy and understanding between parties so that harmony can be reached. The methodology was developed by the clinical psychologist, Marshall Rosenberg in the 60s and 70s.

I was first introduced to NVC by a friend who linked me to a couple of Youtube videos in which Marshall Rosenberg explained NVC. I was struck by the power and truth of the methodology, which I will outline in this article.

We go about in life…

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There’s that one Nike slogan that basically became a meme — “Just do it.” As if that’s what we need to hear. As if the thought “Just do it,” doesn’t come into our minds every time we want to do something we’re afraid of. If that phrase has helped you, awesome. It hasn’t helped me. I’ve tried hyping myself up. I’ve repeated the phrase “Just do it,” in my head countless times. Usually, the fear wins out in those circumstances. …

life advice
life advice
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1. Begin your day with momentum

Do you know the days when you wake up excited and confident? Maybe it’s the start of a holiday, or you’re going to meet a good friend for the first time in a while. And then there are the days you wake up full of dread. You’re tired, you have work, there are problems that need solving and you don’t want any of that. But on any given day, you can shift your mindset from the moment you wake up — with momentum, confidence, and strength. It’s about winning the small battles. Don’t spend more than 10 minutes in bed…

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Be as you are, reading these words. Notice how your breath comes in and then out automatically. You can control it, but it does not need to be controlled. It requires no effort.

Notice the sounds around you — how they arise and fall and change. It requires no effort to hear, this is happening on its own. Notice how sensations arise in your body, how they change — the old sensations are replaced with the new. Does it take any effort to notice these senses? Senses are happening on their own without your intervention.

Notice when thoughts arise in…

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There’s something very unique about being a writer — and this stretches to any creative endeavour that is released to the public. We write, we publish, and yet we have very little idea of who exactly is reading our content. When someone highlights, comments on our work or follows us, we know we have reached that person. But we don’t really know that person. It takes a long time to truly get to know someone. It takes even longer to develop enough trust with someone to impact their life — or be impacted vice versa. Even if the stats page…

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Sabotage — to deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something.)

Self-sabotage — when the sabotage is directed at yourself. We often don’t even realize we’re doing it. It doesn’t seem deliberate, but the actions that lead to self-sabotage are, though nothing bad is intended.

Before exploring 3 ways in which we unknowingly sabotage our potential success, I want to shed light on what the aftermath of self-sabotage might look like.

  1. Low self-esteem. Having failed spectacularly by our own mistakes we feel less confident about our next move.
  2. Financial trouble. If we’ve invested money into a plan, and then undermine our own…

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I’ve been publishing an article every day for over a month now. And every day I struggle to find something to write about. I consistently feel like I’ve run out of ideas. But I haven’t. No matter what, I find something to write about and I write it. It’s nothing special, there are no dumb tricks. I know where to look for ideas and the content there is endless.

We live in such an info-rich time. The internet has revolutionized how we gather information. Frankly, it can be overwhelming. But don’t let analysis paralysis get you. …

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If you’ve never heard of Tom Bilyeu, he was the founder of QUEST Nutrition, a company valued at over 1 billion dollars. He then went on to start Impact Theory, a Youtube channel and community with the singular focus of being impactful. On the Youtube channel, Tom interviews people of impact from a wide array of fields and expertise. His channel blew up the last couple of years to over 2 million subscribers. It’s safe to say, he knows something about success.

I’ve gained tremendous insights from his interviews, but today I watched a recently uploaded video that is a…

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